Overnight £25 per day for 1 dog.

£45 per day for 2 dogs.

A 3rd dog will be charged at £18 per day.

Doggie daycare Please call us for a quote.

Mobile 07985985060  

Christmas & New Year week & Bank Holidays Weekends £45 per dog.

Bookings of 4 nights or less will be charged at £30 per night per dog.

Puppies (up to the age of 1 year old) require a lot more attention. They may not be completely house trained, are difficult on the lead, require 3 daily meals, can be destructive etc and so they are charged at £30 per night.

We also offer a dog walking facility. We will collect your dog from home, walk them as per your instructions and then return them home. Prices range from £7 to £15 depending on the size of the dog, their lead behaviour and how long they are walked for. Please call us for details and to book.

As we are very busy with the dogs and other customers we operate a strict booking in timetable so please be respectful and be punctual for your appointment.

Our opening times are 9 am until 6 pm.

Please note that we are closed on Sundays and on the occasional Bank Holiday. This means that you will not be able to drop off or collect your dog on these days.

A 25% deposit is required at time of booking.

If you have any other queries or concerns, please contact us to discuss them. We offer a very flexible approach to all your dog’s needs and you can rely on us to take care of your dog just as you would yourselves. Don’t just take our word for it, come and see us for yourself. We are ideal if you need us just for a few hours, a day, a weekend, a holiday, business trip or even if you are going into hospital. Whatever your needs, call us and we will be only too pleased to help.