Q. What is AristoDogz?

A. AristoDogs is a home boarding service for dog owners that do not wish to put their dogs into kennels.

We remove the stress of kennels and give you the peace of mind that your dog is receiving the very best attention.

We offer our home to your dog, so that they have the surroundings and comforts that they are used to, and plenty of company.

Q. Do you take any type of dog?

A. No. As the safety of all our guests is our top priority we cannot take ANY dogs which falls under the Dangerous Dogs Act. We are no longer able to take any larger breed dogs.

Dobermans, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Alsatians, Any kind of Bull Terrier, Bull Dogs and any dogs used for hunting cannot be accepted.

We cannot take any dogs that are aggressive, destructive in the home, hyperactive, not house trained or those likely to bark.

Female dogs in season cannot be boarded and male dogs must be neutered.

Q. I think my dog would be accepted, what’s the next step?

A. The next step is to give us a call and arrange a visit. All dogs must have an assessment for suitability prior to booking. No dogs will be accepted without an assessment. 

Please understand that this is as much for you and your dog’s benefit, as it is for us and our other guest’s.

We understand that a visit may seem a bit of an inconvenience, especially if you live quite far away, however it is essential for both parties.

It could be that your dog isn‘t suited to our home boarding, but it is better to find out in a pre-booking visit, than when you collect your dog, only to find that all has not gone smoothly for your four-legged friend.

A visit also gives you the chance to check us out and ask any other questions that you may have.

We are aware that many owners may have difficulties trying to find time in which to fit in an assessment, so with this in mind we try to be as flexible as possible.

Q. What do I need to bring for the assessment/overnight tester stay?

You will need your dog’s up to date vaccination card, with both their booster and Kennel Cough vaccination.  Their most recent worm and flea dates, details of any dog insurance you have and your dog’s microchip number. 

Also, bring your dog’s food so that you are prepared should you decide to leave your dog here for the overnight tester stay.

We also recommend bringing a blanket for your dog so that they have the familiar scent of home. This usually helps to settle any dogs that might be a little nervous initially.

Your dog must wear a collar during their stay here.

*Please Note* Under the new animal boarding laws all dogs that are booked in with us must be fully vaccinated, including Kennel Cough and have up to date worm and flea treatment. We cannot accept any dogs without these requirements.

Q. What do I need to bring with my dog if they are accepted?

A. We will provide all the bedding, towels, toys and treats that your dog requires. The law now states that all dogs should wear a collar in public. Please ensure that your dog comes to us wearing a collar.

Your dog will have all the comforts that they could want here and will be enjoying their stay with us so much that they won’t have time to think about their own bed and toys.

So, all you need to bring is your DOG and its FOOD.

If your dog is on any kind of medication, then, of course, bring that too.

We will need a written itinerary with your dog’s feeding and exercise regime, along with medication instructions.

Q. What happens if my dog becomes ill or is injured while I am away?

A. The first thing we will do is take your dog to the vets. We will contact you to inform you immediately (if you have requested this), on one of the contact details that you will have provided us with on your booking form.

If your dog is insured we will have taken these details too, again on the booking form.

If your dog is not insured then we would require you to sign a disclaimer, removing us from any financial liability incurred through subsequent vet bills.

We will, of course, provide you with all the receipts from the vet.

Any vet bills will need to be settled when you collect your dog.

Q. Do you charge extra for Christmas and Bank Holidays?

A. Yes, we do. As we are always in demand we do charge Christmas and Bank Holidays at a higher rate. Please see our “tariffs” for more information.

Q. What about Doggie Day Care?

A. Our Doggie Day Care is from 9 am until 6 pm. You may need us just for an hour or two, or while you are at work. Whatever your requirements we can always work out something to suit you. Please call us for Doggie Day Care prices.

Q. My dog only walks on the lead, will you still accept them?

A. Yes. We do not walk any dogs off the lead without written permission from the owner. As our location is semi-rural, we have plenty of open-land and walks in which to exercise your dog.

Q. Where will my dog sleep when they are with you?

A. Your dog will have its bed in their own accommodation within our home.

If your dog is liable to cry, howl and bark because they are separated from us at night, then I am sorry but we are unable to take them.

This is just a small example of the questions put to us by our customers. If you have any more questions regarding our service, or you are interested in leaving your pooch with us, please give us a ring or drop us an email.

Please note that our opening times are 9 am until 6 pm. We are closed to human customers on Sundays and the occasional Bank Holiday.

If you have an urgent enquiry after hours please email us and we will respond as soon as we are able.