We will cater for whatever your dog needs.

You can specify when your dog is walked, fed and when it sleeps, thus keeping to their normal routine and avoiding any unnecessary stress. Typically, your dog will have 2 walks a day, of at least an hour, or whatever he or she is used to. We are situated in a semi rural village, so there are plenty of fabulous walks and paths to explore. Your dog will have constant access to the garden, plus we have an extra, separately enclosed garden for those guests that are a little more timid or boisterous. We will provide everything that your dog needs. This includes all bedding, baskets, food and water bowls, towels and blankets. You only need to supply your dog’s own food, however if treats are allowed, we will supply those free of charge. We are also more than happy to administer any medication that you may provide for your dog. If for any reason your dog requires medical attention our local vet is only 5 minutes away. All our guests will wear a collar with a tag attached, giving our address. We are fully insured.

I’m sorry, but we are unable take dogs that have aggressive tendencies, or those that are likely to chew furniture and be destructive. We also cannot accept dogs that are likely to bark and howl constantly, as this could have a detrimental affect on our other guests (and neighbours). Dogs that are not well socialised, not housetrained or those likely to urinate in the house, cannot be accepted either. All dogs must have a clean, healthy, flealess coat, be wormed and fully vaccinated (including kennel cough). Male dogs must be neutered.